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If you’ve been to a Father Philis concert you’ve probably familiar with my opening barrage of confessions, while to most (i.e @NotHotLife) it may resemble an “oogabooga” type language, this spiel generally goes along the lines of..

It’s Yuh Boy Father Philis,

I Ain’t even come in here to sing tonight,

I come to Wukkup for the Barbados National Team

Overseas nobody knows what it means, but its provocative

Live At Sokahchella w/ Nailah Blackman

This man TrillnToronto gaffs were fairly sporty

But getting back on topic,

Trinidad & Tobago has a lot of very very very, very sweet girls, It’s impossible to begin to explain the matter within any 60 second instagram reel, and as a result, I’ve been inspired to write in-depth about what could make a man pay money to walk for two days in hot sun.


One of the Sweetest Girls in Trinidad goes by the name of Nailah Blackman

However she’s the first on my list not solely due to this fact, but because the Singer & Songwriter took on a new role this year as Promoter and locked in my first performance of the year at her Sokahchella concert, hosted in San Fernando, Trinidad

Just one week prior, some wicked deceitful conniving shite had stolen my kitchen sink back in Barbados, but I discovered that one whine from the Lady swiftly changed my perspective on the situation,

True Story

My desire to throw big rocks at the criminal swiftly shifted towards considering throwing a smaller sized rock, which would only cause light injury and discomfort.

Focus Phil.

Nailah and I also released a big tune late last year “Teknique” with the Trinidadian Recording Artist & Entertainer Salty which has gone onto inspire a number of TikTok Trends Internationally

So in summary, she hard pon it, go stream our music thank you.


Respectfully, Mrs. Hinds has the most Brawling _____ in which ever country she currently resides, because of this please recognize I mean absolutely no offense to the vast number of sweet girls from Trinidad who may have a problem with a Barbadian being placed on the Trinidadian Sweet Girl list.

Personally I don’t care, view link below for photo of us looking nice

Live at Bacchanal Brunch with BTMI

Uh Ha Ha

Following my performance at Sokahchella Alison took the time to scold me for my “colorful” language onstage, which is usually only decipherable by the most keen Bajan ears.

We look forward to releasing a Collab one day to stir up Crop Over.

Alison also has a new release with the next Sweet Girl in our list which you can stream here:


Recording artiste Nessa Preppy.

She real sweet,

I’d like to apologize for saying the man should get horn, I didn’t realize that was one of the boys, snatching does offset me families.

Nessa has nuff big tunes, and gave me the opportunity to perform at her Birthday Event during my first year after releasing Brawling, nothing but love and respect for her and her team.

Live at Brian Lara Stadium for Something or the Other


Yeah, a lot of you scoundrels came here looking for Celiece

I briefly met sweet girl at Tuesday Mas when I took a break from Pelting Waist to try to get some shooting done, immediately after getting my cameras all setup, Yung Bredda x College Boy Jesse – Pon De Junction began to blast and Celiece appeared from behind a ray of light looking like Hot Food on a Cold day,

I immediately felt to abandon my post and engage in the Tomfoolery, but at the last moment I regained my senses and encouraged another wutless scoundrel to proceed in my wake.

My heart has been filled with mixed emotions of regret and self achievement ever since.

However, Celiece works in Trinidad doing event promotions and requested I tag her in my post, I’d like to request you all go follow her page and drop fire emojis so she’s at every event next year, cheesus chrise lords

Mel – @MelaxGoddess Model | Social Media Influencer | Digital Creator


Sweet Girl D, also known as Inhalemee was a Co-Ambassador for the Epic Carnival Cruise on which we sailed over 1,000 passengers from Barbados to Trinidad Carnival and hosted a number of onboard events.

During the Quarantine She played an Instrumental Role In the Mental Health of Many

D’s boxcy is what is considered Brawling by all accords, both active and sizable.

Live Onboard Royal Rhapsody of the Sea – Epic Carnival Cruise

Her Dancing & Educational Courses have spanned the globe while remaining very prevalent within Trinidadian Culture as seen with her work with Machel Montano, and I look forward to hosting her in Barbados for our Crop Over Festival one day soon.

Now if you haven’t seen your name on this list don’t come and curse me, I’m no fool, I gain nothing from sharing your details with men like Kiel who will seek to steal you away from me, and I require no reassurance that you feel in kind towards me too.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Toronto Canada March 4th w/ Yung Bredda

St. Vincent April 1st

Jamaica Carnival April 14th

United Kingdom, Greece June 21st – 26th


Sweet Girl Music Video –

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