Lord Zenn Returns with new Website

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This weekend was an exciting one in Barbados. Following an intense vaccination program being carried out by the Government, we experienced a favourable decline in the number of active Covid-19 cases and reduced curfew restrictions.

However for most, this weekend’s highlight was given by local comedian and playwright, Jherad “Lord Zenn” Alleyne, who released a satirical piece mocking the conduct of students, parents and teachers as they seek to adapt to online schooling:

This piece was the first of a three-part series released, intended to promote the creatives newly launched streaming platform, ZennWebsite.com (previously www.LordZenn.com) where his first theatre production “Lord Zenn Presents ‘Good Lookin'” is now available for purchase and streaming.

Zenn was approached by local entrepreneur, Philip King (www.philipaking.com) of BimShops Barbados with a proposal to take his content online, having recognized the high demand for Mr. Alleyne’s work, as well as, sharing a personal respect for the comedian.

The two devised a strategy which was executed in a number of weeks, leveraging each others’ expertise and familiarity with the market to produce a number of captivating marketing content pieces. (i.e WhiteCollar Crime “Sex Tape” Leak)

Bajan twitter has since welcomed Lord Zenn back into the fold with open arms and grinning teeth, particularly among popular local influencers like Shadae (@DaeTime) who instantly capitalized on the new material and produced another hilarious tiktok for her followers.

Going forward, we can only expect greater collaboration between Barbados’ creative and entrepreneurial communities as Zenn and Philip alluded to discussions of a second play, locally based short series and a number of events once the pandemic releases our island from its clutches.

Check out: www.zennwebsite.com

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